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New Year

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New Year symbolizes the mark of new life and a beginning. Hence it is celebrated with different traditions and merriment. Given are some traditions which are followed worldwide.

  • The Midnight Blare:

    People make cacophony at midnight to drive away the evil spirits from their households since the ancient times. Even now at the stroke of midnight beatings of drums, car horns, church bells, boat whistles, party horns and exploding fireworks can be heard.


  • Parades:

    Parades form another important part of New Year tradition. One of the popular attractions is the Tournament Roses Parade in Pasadena, California started in 1886 by the Valley Hunt Club.

  • Around 600 BC the Greeks used to take part in parades with a baby in a basket. This used to signify the New Year. Later, the Christians also used the same representation to mark the birth of baby Jesus. Even the early Egyptians used to follow the same practice.

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